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During the act of intercourse with a man using a condom, after ejactulating, removes his member from the condom with the condom remaining in ther person. The condom thus representing the ghost of the haunted house.
She loves the haunted house.
by Cmcintir September 21, 2008
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hounted house - place you go to get the shit scared out of you for a small fee
I don't wanna go to haunted house, I won't be able to sleep at night!
by Mariami October 25, 2007
House with lots of scary things like zombies, vampires, ghosts, skeletons, and screamers.
Jim: i went into the haunted house now im scared! :'O
by u2dvdbono September 06, 2010
During Halloween times, people love to look at haunted houses and spooky things.

Haunted Houses are believed to have spirits and ghosts haunting them, trying to scare the shit out of unsuspected people.

A lot of times, these houses are really old and the spirits have been haunting them for a long time.
So many people want to go into haunted houses... why? You'll just scream and run out.
by lunar shadows October 31, 2004
a place where couples go to make out
Although the haunted house was fun, I think 7 minutes in heaven was better
by Jacqui Duzac December 02, 2005

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