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a figurative drink a hater may thirst for and share. Generally used when someone hops on the bandwagon to hate on someone or something. - same word different spelling (haterade)
Tim must've had a tall glass of hatorade, cause he went off on that new Usher trax.
by vveerrgg May 03, 2005
An imaginary beverage that one sips or drinks to become someone that hates others, typically of a specific group.
Man, stop sippin' that Hatorade, and start lovin' your fellow man.
#hater #racist #nazi #god #commandments
by roofdiddla July 20, 2011
Someone who seems to get hydrated off of hating people.
That guy is such a Hatorade and he just made Martha shit herself.
#hater #mean #asshole #bitch #fucker
by Adolfloda September 02, 2007
Drinking a tall glass of Hatorade is what you do when you become a commercial success and are accused of being a sellout by those who remain unsuccessful and therefore jealous. It's very refreshing!
"Just because I'm famous, you don't need to make me feel like drinkin' a Hatorade!"
#hatorade #hateorade #hateraide #hatoraid #hatoraide
by gaillymac October 13, 2006
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