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It's when a person who you think is your close friend goes behind your back and proceeds to tell the female your seeing a barrage of negativity about yourself in hopes to lure her away from you and into his "Hater Hands"
John: Hey I know that you have strong feelings for Matt but I just wanted to tell you that the other night I watched him get two phone numbers from a couple different girls.
Female: Wow what an asshole!
John: Here hop on the back of my vespa and I'll take you out for some frozen yogurt to cheer you up!
Female: Hey John told me what you've been up to and I don't appreciate you treating me like another notch on your belt!
Matt: Well I don't know what he said but don't believe him. The guy has the biggest pair of Hater Hands you'll ever encounter!
by Dirty beanz the poet July 21, 2009
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