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A small, private liberal arts college in South Central Nebraska.
A bastian of semi-liberalism in the middle of a red state. Mainly made up of kids from the suburbs of Omaha, Denver and Kansas City.
I went to Hastings College, got a B.A. in History and so I kind of feel obligated to go to Grad School.
by Kid Zero January 28, 2009
A bubble of of liberalism in the hellscape of southern Nebraska. Located directly in the middle of a sea of corn this small school exhibits all off the things you don't look for in a college: a dead greek life and party scene, 'roided up ball players that somehow think they are all bound for the pros and manage to pull off losing records in NAIA every year, antisocial and ugly entitled females, and an overall lack of fun. The wonderful array of drugs that can be found on campus are a great way to imagine that you are somewhere else. Drinking away your boredom may also help you throw up the mystery slop that the cafeteria called "chimichangas."
I'm totally transferring out of hastings college
by ted7896ted May 22, 2016
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