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When a regular guy becomes super ass freakin cool when he gets effing drunk as hell on purpose
I sure do like Bob a whole lot better when he's Hasselhoffing.
by motoboat August 02, 2010
2 4
The act of changing a colleague's desktop wallpaper to display the manly physique of David Hasselhoff.
Dear God man! I leave my workstation for a few moments to visit the big boys room and you've Hasselhoffed me!
by wowblagger July 07, 2004
2485 202
The act of eating sloppily while intoxicated.
I was totally Hasselhoffing my Big Mac when I got home from the bar.
by Deni Gra October 21, 2007
243 104
the act of consuming food in a drunken state in a ferocious manner which mimics the infamous David Hasselhoff burger incident.
Man, seriously, you are hasselhoffing those effin' nachos.
by msmel March 18, 2010
54 11
The act of getting really drunk then going home and eating and making a mess. ie David Hasselloff likes to get drunk and eat Wendy's chesseburgers on his bathroom floor.
Hey where did dave go? Oh he's on the bathroom floor hasselhoffing that chesseburger.
by Brynnski March 01, 2010
29 13
verb: to suck in one's gut in order to appear slimmer and to do so to the extreme that the act becomes obvious. David Hasselhoff was notorious for this behavior while he starred-- often shirtless--on the show Baywatch. Other actors or models who are required to go shirtless have also exhibited the same behavior. However, in contemporary media the practice is very rare and easily spotted.
Is that guy Hasselhoffing, or was he born without any internal organs?
by I can't be blank July 06, 2010
11 8
v. The act of throwing a canned alcoholic beverage into a shallow body of water while yelling, "HASSELHOFF!", and running in to "save" the drink by pounding it in front of beach spectators.
The crowd was applauding Greg after Hasselhoffing that beer in front of those 4 hot chicks during Spring Break 2010 Pensacola, FL.
by jojoker March 16, 2010
21 19