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A way of life; A spirit that has affected the lives of several people.
"He made the sickest catch i have ever seen so i hasseled him."
by Joe Muoio October 21, 2008
A Hassel is very outgoing, super smart, and loves to party. When it gets around 2 a.m. she gets super strange. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, and she is usually the life of the party. All of her friends want her to be their sister, because she is already like one. All the guys want to date her, but she is only into guys who are smart and aren't perverted. Hassel's always pick her friends over any guy. A Hassel is just all around awesome, and everyone should have a Hassel.
Who should I invite to the party tomorrow?
Dude, definately Hassel!
Psh, she was the first one I invited!

Wow, who is that girl?
Oh, that's Hassel.
Wow, she is amazing! I want her.
Sorry, she is taken. Lucky guy.
No kidding!

I think I am going to ask out Hassel for a date tomorrow.
She is going to a party tomorrow with her friends.
........Maybe I should wait till next week.
Good idea, bro.
by Your Worst Nightmare........jk October 01, 2011
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