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The name of the Great Smoked Pork Lion in the book "The Lying Bitch & Her Wardrobe". He is the guardian of the enchanted land of Yawnia.
Haslet, The King of Beastly Snacks, opened his mighty jaws and belched. The mighty wind of His great eructation bent every tree in Yawnia, and the aroma of smoked ham covered the enchanted land.
by Pedrosa von Beagle November 15, 2006
The best meat in the world
hmm, i love my haslet
by Chris Rowe September 27, 2004
(Noun): British South Coast derogatory term for a female human being that is considered ugly and has little or no morals.

The term originates from likening a girl to the meat product "haslet", which is a pork based meat loaf made from reconstituted pork remains.

To say "she's haslett" also refers to the term "she's had it" but has connotations that she is no more than a product of a pig.
Bruv don't be goin near that dutty girl she's haslet mate!
by kushti October 11, 2010
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