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1. Literally means Peppered Rabbit. Can also be used for rabbit stew or for a dish made from marinated or wild rabbits.
2. First seen by mass audiences in a couple of Bugs Bunny Cartoons.
I saw the cartoon where the chef wanted to make hasenpfeffer of Bugs. Bugs got away, of course.
by Annette Lynn S. August 23, 2005
To grab your sexual partner by the ears from behind while in a "doggy style" position in order to provide more force per thrust. Hasenpfeffer is also a meal made out of rabbit, hence its use to grab the other person by their bunny ears. Can be used as a noun or verb.
1. Amy came over last night, and she was horny as hell. I hasenpfeffered her like an ape-man!
2. Hey, want me to give you the hasenpfeffer!?
#hossenfeffer #doggy style #sexual position #fetish #rough sex #s&m
by Mary Melee February 28, 2015
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