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A celebrated lawyer that has never lost a case. He has prosecuted many trials invovling the School scene. Money laundering, prostitution, and other heinous crimes are his specialty. He has is famous for he reference to "The Documents" and will always, prove what he has to say with "The Documents". Good things to know about him:
- He coined the phrase: "Document it in the Documents"
- Has prosecuted almost every aid at San Tan
- Is part of a touring rap group as High Definition, with Merchandi$e, Lil' Robesio, Dry Ice, and Robin da' Hood
- Is one of the sexiest men alive, and a master of the Pickup Line.
- Is part of the Buno Knows Best street team.
We lost that case against Harvy Domingo.
by Harvy Domingo December 19, 2006
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