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The vaginal secretions crystal-like formations that set in on the outer skin of the penis after a long, hard nites sex.
"I should ov taken a shower LAST night. I woke up this morning with sarah's dry ice on me."
by Audiodamned November 20, 2003
1. Frozen Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
2. Officially NOT a component of an explosive
Those kids mixed dry ice and water, we'll throw them in jail and slap three felony charges on them after we get another donut.
by deplemisher April 24, 2003
1. Solid Carbon, a substance that sublimates and is used for fog machines.
2. Fake Jewlery
1. We played with dry ice in chemistry today!
2. Man, that necklace isn't bling-bling, it's dry ice.
A strong, cheap beer known to get you really wasted.
"I drank a 12 pack of dry ice last night and I don't remember a fucking thing!
by Drice Drinker September 24, 2010
someone who is popular but nobody actually likes them.
Dude, Justin is such dry ice.
by gaiiijezus August 04, 2010
a drug that is made by covering an ice cube with salt and pressing it against your skin. you will soon feel a sharp pain. when released you will have a narly scar. the next day you will become spastic, hyper, delusional, and may throw up in your mouth. an icer is a dry ice dealer
we were doing so much dry ice at that party. i have sick scars to prove it.
by larle January 01, 2008
a rapper who is out of beer and weed
you got a beer man?

no where to get any weed?

aw man dat's tight,you dry ice?
by shades December 08, 2003
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