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The clan that "Sakura Haruno" from the Naruto manga belongs to

The Haruno Clan is a long existing clan who suffered mediocrity for a long time until a particula Haruno, Sakura became the assistant of the great Sannin Tsunade, with this claim to fame to uplift them they soon became well known for their exceptional chakra manipulation and great medical ninjutsu skill. The Haruno Clan is wide spread and can be found in most lands, including its primary home - the Land of Fire

Personality traits include:
Hot headed inner personality
Very friendly
Very caring

There has been no clan history, as the Haruno clan is just a small clan who isn't very famous. The only known character who is in the Haruno clan is Sakura Haruno
I would love to have a member of the Haruno clan be my teammate in battle. They have amazing strength and healing skills.
by MasterRDF April 23, 2015
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