A buck... or male deer to all you non-hunters out there.
I just shot a hart! Come quick... the stag needs to be cleaned!
by Blake January 10, 2005
A pimp daddy with an emmense female satisfying package.
Jona is such a Hart he is very large and in charge.......in the pants!
by Mr. Smart October 20, 2004
Hot, Alpha, Rich, Toned.
Used for describing desired guys in The Clique Series.
Ehmagawd, Cam is such a HART.
by Ann O'Nonymous June 27, 2008
a cool kid who has a big package.
that kid looks like a hart or a pimp.
by jhon May 05, 2003
A cross between hard and hot as made famous by Lady Gaga in the song Poker Face because the bitch can't seem to enunciate when she sings.
I'll make him hart, show him what I've got
An abbreviation for a hot-boxed fart. This can only be done when your the driver and have the power to control the windows. A common phrase once you fart in a car is to say "hey bros, I Hart you". Now your bros have no control and have to suffer in your stank.
Dylan: I just wanted you guys to know, I Hart you.
Bros: fuccccccccckkkkk not again
by Eminent Sparkon October 03, 2011
The word "HART" refers to a male/female who is hot , alpha , rich , & tan .
This word is often used by preps .

Lauren : did you see that new kid alex ?

Alexis : ehmuhgawd yes , he's such a HART !
by nitsua < 3 December 12, 2010

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