A name given to someone who constantly "swindles" people
Man that Hart kid swindled me hard...im gonna beat him
by d-spot-ice September 26, 2006
1) Really cool kid with a very large package
2) Coolest Hart has a given name of Brian.
That Hart kid is da shiznatch.
by Qwijibo May 31, 2004
another way to spell heart
I hart boobies
by Emi Lee February 06, 2004
A loser who goes to EA or Episcopal Academy and was the only guy to star on MTV's My Supper Sweet 16. Also wore like 5 Lacoste polos popped at once. Also got sick drinking at least 10 redbulls.
Dude Hart's at Haverford, let's fuck him up. -Jeife
by Sex God April 11, 2005
I personally go to EA and i can say Hart is the gayest kid ever to walk the planet that mother fucker pops his gay ass collar and thinks he is so tuff but really all he does is gives and takes gay butt sex with Jack Murdock, Kiff Le Vine, Max Crockett, and all those faggot sophmores who love the penis...these mother fuckers think they are so tough but if they ever tried to act smart with me i would beat the shit out of them and them make them drink my piss actually they'd like that so fuck those faggots Hart makes episcopal look bad and even though there is a bunch of rich bastards that go to our school that are spoiled as shit, there are some good kids such as Ned Mahoney..he is a great example of good kd haha...basically there are two types of kids at EA --- Water polo/tennis playin faggots who like the penis and give EA a bad name and then there are good kids like basketball players football players these are good kids there is exceptions tho there are sum kids that are lifers that are cool but then there is faggots like hart and ricky brooman
Jack Murdock - "Do want to fuck me up the ass or do u want to get fucked up the ass?"
Hart - "Umm...i guess the usual..i'll take it first then i'll give it"
by The Trooth April 28, 2005
Someone who doesnt give up no matter the challenges
Friend 1: Wow, do you think your art will ever look as good as those pieces?
Friend 2: Even if it doesn't, I won't give up.
Friend 1: You're all Hart, aren't you?
by Lyra Scarlett September 20, 2014

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