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The act of staying at college over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring vacations, just like Harry did for every vacation.
Roommate: Hey, are you going home for Thanksgiving break?

You: Nah, plane tickets are too expensive. I'm Harry-Pottering it this time.
by collegium September 25, 2011
When one does/says something that is Harry Potter related.
Annie: "What's that dude doing?"
Morgan: "Dude it's obvious - he's Harry Pottering."
by morgzannie July 27, 2010
To wait in line for hours, most usually costumed, to receive an early release of some sexed up book/video game/movie, or other medium for geekgasming.
I just went harrypottering to be the first to get Eclipse! I want to donkeypunch Edward Cullen I love him so much!
by Dr Ebay August 20, 2008