harry styles, a verry handsome, beautiful, perfect, turtle loving boy, in a deep bromance with louis tomlinson. HE IS MINE! end of. he loves to strop naked, and walk aroung in his goldnt thong.
harry styles rules narnia
by harryNOM July 27, 2011
The hottest, most talented guy in the world. 18 years old, youngest member of British/Irish boyband One Direction. Birthday: February 1, 1994. Full name: Harold Edward Styles. Harry is a total flirt, and has caught the attention of many girls (Taylor Swift and Rihanna included.) He has a tendency to like older women, like 32 year old ex girlfriend Caroline Flack. Harry enjoys being naked. He talks sooo slow, and says "So basically" about ten times a minute. Curly hair, amazing smile. Dimples. Four nipples. Harry also has a tendency to tweet completey irrelevant things. Harry has a "bromance" with fellow band-member Louis Tomlinson. Harry lived in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire before auditioning for the Xfactor, where he was put together by Simon Cowell into the group that is now called One Direction. Harry came up with the name One Direction, actually. He now lives in London with the rest of the boys. I am totally in love with Harry Styles.
Louis: Wil you marry me?
Harry: Simple, but effective.

Person1: Are you single?
Me: Yup, but you'd have to be Harry Styles to change that!!
by Harry's girl June 18, 2012
The most beautiful and perfect person in the world. He's got the cutest curls and is a member of the sexiest boy band in the world, One Direction. He is in a romantic relashionship with Louis Tomlinson. BUT HES MINE. He deserves the most amazing, long and fun-filled life.
by 1DINMYBED January 08, 2012
sex god
looks like sex
sounds like sex
smells like sex
bet my house my car and my stuffed giraffe he tastes like sex
girl: what do you want for your birthday?
girl2: i want harry styles to be my boy toy slampeice
by 1dhello March 27, 2012
Life ruiner. He will destroy your ovaries with one smile and cause you an immense amount of sexual frustration. He was carved gently by the most powerful of gods. His eyes are a mixtures of beautiful emeralds and the deepest seas. His smile WILL make you consider, if not commit, suicide. His voice is smooth, slow and deep as fuck and his hands are big enough to make you wanna shove a needle in your eye from just one glance. He will make you rethink your existence on this earth.
*Harry Styles enters room*
*Everybody dies*
the end.
by fuckmesenselessstyles September 11, 2012
You shouldn't have to look up the muthafucka definition of Harry Styles because he and Louis Tomlinson are the number one gay couple in the system and you need to march your little ass over to tumblr because i don need to explain dis
i don need explain dis shit
its harry styles
by Anne Cox April 19, 2012
a hipster in a boyband that likes to wear women's sweaters, sparkly boots, clip-on earrings, jeans so tight they're basically a new layer of skin, scarves wrapped around his hair like a cute little gypsy, and other various articles of decidedly hipster clothing. walks like the love child of a blind pigeon and a baby giraffe. has the body of a young supermodel, the mind of a five-year-old, and the heart of a quirky elderly man. also is one of the kindest and most ridiculous human beings the world has ever seen. plays scrabble with his mother, gets bullied on twitter by his sister, likes to go bike-riding in the middle of the night to get frozen yoghurt, and has grown to be so incredibly comfortable in his own skin that it almost frightens me how genuine he is. one of the most down-to-earth celebrities you could ever meet. has the smile of an angel but the tattoos of a fifty-year-old man in prison. looks like a top but acts like a bottom. may or may not be an actual human being.
fangirl 1: "what the fuck did harry just tweet?"
fangirl 2: "how am i supposed to know, he's harry styles, nobody ever knows what he's talking about."
by shelleyyyy December 16, 2013

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