A person who makes turkey calls while you are at work. They walk around nude and smell funny.
I was trying to eat lunch when a Harrel walked into the break room. I vomited.
by Biff Rottenthighs August 09, 2011
Top Definition
The ultimate source of human pheromone's. Encountering a Harrel will cause any attractive woman to immediately get on her knee's and... well you know? Also has a budding interest in being the best at everything and does it quite well.
Frank : " Did you see that Harrel over there? He just saved the world...with his eyes closed...and look at all those women chasing after him...by gosh."

Dan: " I once thought I saw a Harrel, but I squinted and realized my life is too shitty for that miracle to occur...FML"
by freddy136 November 17, 2009
egotistical douche bag who ratts out everyone for doing anything that breaks the rules in any way; a snitch, fink, narc, squealer, tattler, weasel, double-crosser
"Oh my god! that harrel over there just ratted me out to the principal!"

"I just broke a rule and that harrel narced on me!"

A harrel, "make sure you refer to the handbook so you don't break the rules."
by I.C. Weiner April 03, 2008
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