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A noun based on the action of 'going Harmadillo'. Similar to 'going berserk' or 'freaking out". The act of going Harmidillo, over time, can be learned, though most often happens on its own accord, similiar to being possessed.

Situations where this can occour are as follows:

-An van filled with sweaty humans, listening to loud noises emnated from speaker devices.

-Railing it on a bicycle, literally or figuretively.
-Ranting about the demerits of Whole Foods Market, aka Whole Paycheck, which makes it hard for a po' boy to be healthy.
-Recounting tales of choas and travels around the world and/or this great United States in which the act of going Harmidillo has happened on nuermous occasions.

-Doing any amount of contrabrand substance to excess.
"Man, you should have seen that guy!" the observer said, "He totally walked into the Whole Foods and totally went Harmadillo. There was bulk oatmeal flying everywhere!"
by Harmadillo February 25, 2010
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