A way to show affection through intimate actions involving the anus. Originating in the british porngraphy scene of the mid 70's
" The producer asked them to harkle in their adult film, as it is many peoples fetish"
by CtotheB April 14, 2009
Top Definition
To clear one's throat; to cough discreetly.
A word to describe a discreet cough meant to get someone's attention, a sort of "Ahem-hrm-hrm..." at the door, or in response to an awkward situation or topic.
Larry stood in the door and harkled to get his friend's attention.

When the topic of breasts came up, many of the men in the room harkled and some even crossed their legs.

As she leaned in to kiss him, he stammered, harkled, and made and excuse before fleeing.
by Seleuf January 13, 2014
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