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Full of soft ass fuck nigguhz, except for Nicuhlas Walker, the crime lord, dillin er a thang from meth to the hardcore fruit roll-up ring. White folk beware; he after you son!
Naddir: "Let's go try sum weak ass niggaz in Harker Heights bruh, lulz."
D'Tyreke: "Yo cuh, don't fuck wit Nick do! Dat trigga scrait petrifyin dawg!"
Naddir: "Lolwut?!"
by LuhGiiiT x Hitlol March 28, 2011
As close to rich as you can get in the ghetto. Close enough to Fort Hood to suck out the life monies of the soldiers; yet far enough away to be just outside of the crime. Given time, the neighboring city of Killeen with overwhelm it and the ghetto shall rein supreme once more.
The Killeen Mall will fall and Market Heights in Harker Heights will rule until the mallpeople migrate over there.
by twisted_circle February 26, 2011
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