A hardcore kid has nothing to do with v-necks, skinny jeans, or fashion in general.

We live for shows, local or big. I would rather go to a local show because the scene is usually better not filled with posers and what not.

We wear what we want.

It is most common to see us in cargo shorts, or basketball shorts though. Our shirts mostly consist of band shirts, and pull-over hoodies. The more Underground local shirt is the better. A large number of us are also edge, which means no smoking, drinking, or drugs.

We usually don't have those silly scene kid plugs, and we never have long hair. SCENES DEAD, SHAVE YOUR HEAD.

There is difference between hardcore, and your other shitty cores, know the difference. Not filled with breakdowns every 30 seconds, and no fucking poppy/chorus synth bullshit.

Hardcore Bands:
Have Heart
Guns Up!
Scene Kid: Ew those kids are sooo out of date wearing flat brim hats and basketball shorts, they look like wiggers.

Hardcore kid: Im sorry what did you say? *punches in the face*
by PAxHC June 02, 2011
Contrary to popular belief, hardcore has almost nothing to do with the emo culture.
Hardcore music, which can very loosely be tied to emo music because of the screaming/yelling, is usually about morals and life itself. Instead of screaming, "I would very much like to kill myself," these individuals are singing things more along the lines of "I will never give up my dreams."

The typical "hardcore kid" can be found wearing any assortment of clothes, from gym shorts and hoodies to skinny jeans and baggy T's.
Along with these basics of apparel, hardcore kids often have tattoo's, gauges, short hair and sometimes keep their facial hair.

Typical hardcore bands include:
Have Heart,
Life Long Tragedy,
Comeback Kid,
Did you see that hardcore kid kick that emo fag in the face?
by Coopah January 28, 2010
Being "Hardcore" these days, doesn't mean you have to party, or fight, and be a devil worshiper. You can still be hardcore in that way, but this is different. Hardcore kids are fans of core genre music. Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Party-Core, Etc. They are some of the most dedicated music fans out there today Taking in every lyric and meaning, really feeling the music they dedicate themselves to. Side note, they don't listen to screamo. The majority are NOT EMO. EMO kids have nothing to do with a music style. The music itself is usually about things such as girls, life experiences, complex metaphors, ideals, and sometimes more brutal things depending on the person NOT the music style itself. Hardcore music Is NOT EMO or DEVILS music.
Now looks vary to anything. There is no specific look, though a lot seem to have a style in common. The look typically would be, Band t's, Bro Tanks, Skinny Jeans, Shants, Toms, Moccasins, Long Hair, usually straight, Abstract hats or jackets. Tattoos.Piercings. NOT ALL hardcore kids have gauged ears.
Personality, Most are the happiest, craziest, most random people i have ever met. Usually very creative, original, musically inclined. Can be straight-edge but a lot still party. Positive out-look. A brutal, but real take of life. Very enthusiastic, hyped up, and kind of obnoxious.
Give them a chance, and stop being ignorant fucks.
Hardcore kids are the Shit
by TyyBot February 21, 2013
A group of individuals who don’t give a shit about anything.

Belongs to a sub-culture of an underground movement heavily influenced by its heavy music, and scene, which is dead and no longer around.

Listens to raw, dissonant, violent and unrelenting music which shoves misanthropic views of disgust toward life down your throat. Stems from a melting pot of ideas, cultures, fashion, art... taking only the best elements of punk, crust punk, power violence, noise, grind, thrash, sludge, doom, metal, heavy-metal, death metal, youth crew, emo, etc....

Hardcore takes these subgenre elements, selectively combines specific things about them, then and calls it, its own.

Hardcore kids are usually very proud, brooding, violent, sick of it, one-dimensional, tattoo covered, better than everyone, conceited, self- centered, pissed-off, hopeless, heart on sleeve, chip on shoulder, angry assholes that have no respect and talk shit on everything.

They only come out at 7:00pm for $5 shows at some shitty venue or junk yard show that will get closed down for fighting or breaking shit, they also like to slam-dance, start bands, tour, have a good taste for independent films and explicit art and most importantly don’t care about being your friend.
There are no examples of hardcore kids, it is what it is.
by Steaz Iced Teaz August 07, 2011
A retarded user on Urbandictionary.com who doesn't appreciate good music. Probably licks the semen out of his sister's pussy after his dad fucks her. He can be seen at your local music venue giving handjobs to the ticket takers to get in to see dance gavin dance. (He spent all his cash on skinny jeans and put the rest of his change in a roll and stuffed it in his pants so it would appear that he has a penis when in reality it had long since withered due to the multitude of STDs and various diseases he had gotten from sneaking into crackhouses and sticking random objects up his ass.)
Guy 1: Hey man do you like Foxy Shazam?
Guy 2: Yeah, they kick ass
Hardcore kid: n0 waY fagggggs, teh 0nly gud music iz tehh kynd were teh leed 5ing3r scr33ms @ the t0P of his LunGs all the timmmmmmmme!!!!!!!!!
Guy 1:Aren't you that retarded kid that wears your sister's jeans and the brightest and gayest colored shirt you can find and eats the shit straight out of your dads ass?
Hardcore kid: Yeah
by FoxyFTW October 12, 2009
A Child who claims his/her parents hate them, and hang out at Taco bell at all ours of the day. They think they are really hard core because they smoke and drink against their parents wishes. They listen to "Hard Core" music, but in reality is is extremely homosexual. Examples include. Metro Station, Bullet For my Valentine, The Devil Wears Prada, 3oh!3, and other bands who's lyrics focus on how their girl friends broke up with them, and other whinny topics. Their clothing may include, but is not limited to.....

Tight Pants
Band T-shirts (But not cool ones, the homosexual one, such as bands states above)
Straitened Hair

Plaid Shirts
Skate shoes
Studded Belts
and other homosexual fashions that make them think that they are cool.
Hard Core kids Conversation

HARD CORE KID #1: Hey dude, I'm so hardc0re ! I spend my whole day at taco bell and smoke because i think its cool and my parents don't want me too !

HARD CORE KID #2: Yeah d00d we are so br00tual ! I think my parents hate me because they don't let me smoke and sneak out !

HARD CORE KID #1:Yeah d00d, they must hate you !

HARD CORE KID #2:Or middle class lives suck !

HARD CORE KID #1:Yeah, no one has it as bad as we do !
by tuna2020 August 04, 2009
A true douche bag of the metal scene. Usually seen in a sleeveless band shirt and basketball/gym shorts. At a show they will "mosh" by flailing their arms and legs about with complete disregard of anyone trying to actually listen to the music but when they hit one of these bystanders they will disappear into their group for fear of fighting one on one. The exception (and the true definition of piece of shit douche fag) is the few who bring ski masks and a posse dressed exactly like them so they can walk up and hit girls in the face. If you see someone with a ski mask on at a hardcore show...beat their ass mercilessly upon sight.
hardcore kid: if you don't want to get hit, get the fuck out the pit!

metal head: *punches him in the face*

hardcore kid: why did you hit me bro?

metal head: *punches him in the face again* stop acting like a monkey with down syndrome *punches him in the face yet again*

hardcore kid: *cries and gets in his mom's minivan*
by m4l1c3 September 25, 2010
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