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a young person who listens to frantic and hevy music. when at gigs, a hardcore kid will punch an kick the air in a spectacular fashion. however, in a breakdown several hardcore kids will enter a pit and kick the shit out of each other. hardcore kids are the toughest of any alternative person. but beware: there are many bogus hardcore kids about! its rather popular to be one nowadays
i'm a hardcore kid, wanna spin kick in your face?
by hardcoregeek May 12, 2005
usually said by cockneys in the context to offend people. originating from the word 'slag' meaning a promiscuous woman. also said by geeks 'n' grebs in king's lynn's honourary school KES.
moomin you little shlag! go get my ish from next do'.
by hardcoregeek May 11, 2005
derived from shouting 'big boot' in reference to big boss man (wwf) usually shouted whilst playing football when a player hoofs the ball down the field.
ahh i just got hit in the phallus with a BIG SCROTE
by hardcoregeek May 12, 2005
indeed this may be a strange hippo like cartoon (originating from germany), but a moomin is much much more. if thou happen to know a boy who is podgy, with a pronounced, snout like face, he may be refered to as a moomin. other names for this kind include 'Peru'
hahaha, did you just see moomin fall over?

moomin just swang for square 'ed!

moomin you absolute gee!
by hardcoregeek May 11, 2005
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