A videogame enthusiast who does not care what system he/she is playing on, as long as the game in question is both fun (read: controls well, intrigueing and inventive gameplay, ect.) and challenging. A hardcore gamer realises that there is merit to many games on a variety of systems and often owns all of the currently available systems.

One variation on this term would be Insane hardcore gamer: A gamer who owns as many videogames as he/she can possibly get his/her hands on, often never finishing even half of what he/she owns, and also seeking out deals on famous/favourite/rare games just so that they can be added to his/her collection.
Jerry is a hardcore gamer, and owns over 200 games on 9 systems. He is always looking to expand his collection.
by Kokomo_man February 06, 2005
One who spends in excess of more than 4 hours in one sitting. Realises that graphics, story, fun and all the other shit are all equally important. One offsetting the other will affect the game adversely
Many people claim to be hardcore gamers, but they are just posers. as stated above, all of the mentioned above are needed equally in order to make a kickass game.
by chrisguy March 07, 2005
a casual gamer minus a girlfriend, wife, job or some form of satisfying social life. They are mostly teenage boys, but some are grown men with the mentality of the average teenage boy.
a hardcore gamer would likely say, "that was so easy, I stayed home and beat in like two days"
note: they also never left the house or spoke to another human being n person during that entire 48 hour period.
by shagedy September 09, 2009
A person who games online and dames for atleast 4 hours per sitting. Online gamers have a wide collection of games and do not buy preowned
My friend is a fullhardcore gamer, he stayed up till 3 in te morning to unlock the EOD helmet
by knack November 17, 2008
A nicer way to say "Virgin until the age of 37"
John is a hardcore gamer. He spends all his money on video games and has no friends. He constantly bitches about how his favorite RPG's soundtrack is sub-par compared to the last game in the series on IRC chatrooms with other losers like him. Despite their constant bitching, the video game companies do not give a shit about their lousy opinions. He has never made contact with a woman that is not his mother. Ever.
by Gamers suck at life February 08, 2009
Me. And I'm not ashamed to say it.
What are you gonna do, make fun of me? Please.
by Adrian Herrera January 20, 2005
True gamer. Me. Any gamer who has played videogames since they learned sub-basic motor skills, and who go into the past, before they were born, and pla every retro system out there. I agree Hardcore gamers and Casual gamers are mortal enemies. Hardcore gamers, for one, see past the greatest reason why we are mortal enemies. GRAPHICS. Who cares if a game has sub-par gfx for the system its on? If its a great game with great handling, story, action, WHO GIVES 2 SHITS ABOUT GFX? Graphics is only eye candy. Which is how you can discern the true gamers from posers because true gamers can always be found with a full library of NES, Atari, SNES, Genesis, GB (dot matrix screen), Virtual Boy, and any other lesser known systems.
Hardcore gamer: Me 'n my cuz. Hardcore 2 tha bone
Casual (poser): Johan (always thinks he's better than the 'hwhite boi' because he plays only new shit.
by H4rd(0r3 fo' 3v4 November 29, 2004

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