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1 definition by geno_whirl

Apparently, what any gamer who was playing video games prior to 2006 is.

A "hardcore" gamer generally puts money down on games with actual gameplay involved. They have a somewhat excessive amount knowledge of videogames in general, but these gamers are proud enthusiasts and enjoy discussing the games they play. "Hardcore" gamers select games from specific genres and trusted publishers and have been part of the gaming industry for decades. I guess that's why they're hardcore now. Who knows.

This is contrary to the casual gamer, who has risen in prominence with the help of the Nintendo Wii and Apple iPhone. These gamers favor titles such as Wii Tennis, Wii Sports Bowling and Scrabble iPhone edition. Oftentimes, they are discouraged by the learning curve more traditional videogames require and stray away from them.
Hardcore Gamer: Diner Dash!? Really?

Casual Gamer: Megaman 9...? Why?
by geno_whirl July 25, 2010
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