1)A pathetic excuse for something to do in a moshpit. Usually preformed by kids that are under a hundred pounds and have never seen protein in their life. Instead of running around in a crazy pit with people laying each other out we have dwindled down to a few kids (usually about 10 or 15) that take up the enitre floor punching air. They are "hardcore" bc they can ruin shows and completely take the fun out of moshing. These people should be destroyed and banned from all concerts for their retarded version of what a nurtured society has deemed worthy of being in a pit.

2) A person who gets knocked the hell out if a see them doing it.
Jason: "hey josh, you see those idiots hardcore dancing in the pit?"

Josh: "yea let's go trash those douches."
by Roflwagoneer October 14, 2008
Hardcore dancing is performed at hardcore shows to hardcore music and as described in these other definitions it did show up in the early 80's. Contrary to what others have posted it didn't start when a bunch of straight edge kids made the hardcore punk scene. The hardcore punk scene was already established before the straight edge scene was formed. Some of these kids may have dedicated themselves to human rights but not many did. Hardcore dancing then was called the HB strut or the Hannigan. These kids had a lot of energy and started throwing fists in the pit. At this time hardcore dancing wasn't a few kids doing windmills. It was a mob of kids beating each other. It was extremely physical. These moves didn't have any meaning and they most certainly did not represent fighting fascists and those who supressed the scene. Hardcore kids today are mostly assholes who won't let people mosh. They run into mosh pits and start windmilling. They don't pick up people that have fallen. They just simply kick them when they're down. They don't try and calm someone down whos trying to start shit. They take cheap shots at them. They fight in gangs rather than fighting alone.
Anyone who does windmills, two steps, spin kicks, jumps spin kicks, picking up the change should to be castrated
by Fiend May 07, 2005
The funniest thing I've ever seen at a show. Hardcore dancing is when all the little scene-fucks get together and flail their arms around, kick the air and pump their fists. This is an attempt to look menacing and to make up for the sucky music they listen to.
Drew: Look at all those kids over there having seizures.
xXxXWillxXx: Those kids aren't having seizures, they're hardcore dancing you dumb fucker. AHHH I AM SOOO SCENE!!!!!!
by MrElectricOcean February 06, 2005
What stupid emo/scene kids think is moshing. They spin-kick and fight the air. They don't actually fight, to even touch someone else in one of their perverted mockeries of a mosh pit is frowned upon. It's really annoying when you're moshing at a great show, and some stupid emo runs into the middle of the pit and starts "hardcore dancing." It's an embarrassment, it really is.
Stupid kid hardcore dancing: WHOO, YEAH! I LOVE MOSHING!
Kid skanking to the side: You wouldn't know what moshing is if you were thrown in a pit and caught in the middle of a Wall of Doom.
by DJ Loomis February 14, 2010
A type of dance performed at non-punk hardcore shows. It involves violent FLAILING of the arms and legs with no reguard to your friends around you. It was developed to blatantly show you do not belong in the punk subculture and have no roots to it. It is used by kids who are too stupid to learn to skank or circle pit properly. Its not cool in any way and a year later when you "grow out" of whatever fad is big in hardcore, you realize how much of an ass you looked like the whole time. The typical person hardcore dancing is one of the older members of the scene who played in a band but they left the fad and he remains. He doesn't have anything going for him and really only dances to try and impress the young and impressionable girls at the shows. A grade A loser fashion Dance.
"yeah, my buddy just broke my nose for the third time, but its cool because were so hardcore and hes really good at hardcore dancing. Good thing we dont go to those lame punk shows where everyones friends and have a good time. All the big bands said its dead anyway. By the way my moms ordering me a hockey mask soon for shows. She says I have to get a job before I turn 23 next month or I cant have it though. And I cant bring home any more 15 year old girls after 9:30 on weeknights. Other than that I love my life."
by RR77 February 10, 2009
A stupid form of "dancing" done by emo kids at "hardcore" shows cause they're too sissy to actually mosh. The saddest part about it is that they actually think they're cool when they do it, when in fact it's the complete opposite.
Stupid Emo - "The Aiden show last night was amazing! I was hardcore dancing the whole time! I'm such a badass!"

Non-Fag that doesn't hardcore dance - "Wow. You're an idiot."
by asawisper September 11, 2008
A form of 'dancing' that is becoming more popular with the younger crowd at metal shows. I believe it evolved from the 'emo' , 'hardcore' scene but can now be seen at most any show you go to where heavy music is played. I would assume the reason for this is that recently, most styles of metal have crossed and blended into eachother.

This makes for some great music, but the 'Hardcore Dancing' is possibly the lamest, most retarded thing Ive ever seen. Its basically a person who looks like he never lifted a weight in his life flailing his harms and doing spin kicks as if he were fighting a barrage of invisible attackers. They seem to have no regard for anyone around them, as most times this 'dancing' will take place in the middle of a club that's packed shoulder to shoulder and several onlookers will get hit 'by accident'.
While I still see it as a valid form of expression, the middle of a crowd is not the place to do it! To make matters even more ridiculous, most of these kids seem to be pansies. Crack head thin or haneously out of shape, they walk around like they're a bunch of badasses and then suddenly break out into a 'dance' that looks like Jackie Chan having an epilleptic seizure.

If the dancing were choreographed, or at least followed the music to any degree it might look pretty cool...sad thing is Im sure some of these guys are really trying to do that but the poser fairy ninja wannabes ruin the whole scene for them.

The best part is, if anyone actually jumps in the pit and tries to 'mosh' the way it should be done, they run for the sidelines like the pussies they are.

Compared to old school 'moshing', where people would headbang and shove eachother, a 'hardcore dancing' pit seems much more malicious. In a mosh pit, if someone fell down or got hit by accident people would generally stop, pick the person up, get him out of the pit, etc. In a hardcore dancing area, bystanders are getting punched and kicked,etc. Just last night I was at an InFlames concert and some 120lb punk in a wife beater gave me a roundhouse to the arm while i was trying to watch the show. I went in after him and he ran away!!

Hardcore dancing could actually evolve into a cool form of self-expression. However, for the most part its sissy-bitch weaklings who think its cool to act like a bunch of morons and hurt people at metal shows.

The people who are really into hardcore dancing and are trying to take it to another level should really reign in the shitheads, as they're ruining the scene for everybody.

"Hardcore Dancing" is what moshing has turned into because the world is becoming overpopulated with the MTV generation. A subclass of American youth that think its cool to talk shit and disrespect one another. Put that music on your iPod and get in the squat rack. Then you'll be hardcore.
by BigVrunga February 15, 2006

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