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2 definitions by Bizza

When someone open mouth kisses, without using any tongue.
You think to yourself, as this is going on
"Is she ever going to use her tongue? or is this braod good for NOTHING?!"
by Bizza June 10, 2005
Hardcore Dancing is an art, requiring, skill, talent, and good balance. To throw a spinkick into someone who's dancing like an asshole to teach them a lesson, or mule kick the twat that shouldn't be standing on the edge of the pit.. cartwheels, backflips off the stage, windmills, and picking up change. These are all things your average drunk college student tough guy TRIES to do when going into a pit at a random show he happen to be getting drunk at the bar at. Well, he's in for it, if the people dancing don't take too kindly to his retarted drunken antics. Granted it will probably start a fight, but he should have known better, even in the inebriated state hes in... and he probably won't feel the bashing until the morning, but his friends can tell him "dude, you got the shit kicked outta you last night"
What is really shitty, are these people with the false pretense that "hardcore dancing" is just running around in a circle, flailing your arms, and punching random people. It's people like these that would get their asses handed to them in a pit in New York. Side Note: Don't come near the pit with beer. Certain people, recently have had very good luck dropping numerous beers out of other peoples hands with pit opening kicks... trust me, it's never fun to have to clean the floor.

If you want to see a true display of the art known as "dancing" at shows, come out to N.Y. I will guarantee it'll change your whole outlook.
Picture a really heavy breakdown, or even just BEATdown, and a bunch of kids swinging, and kicking.. and then picture yourself catching a shoe to the face.. or better yet, the shoe flying off and heading straight for your head. YES, it has happened to me! I think I'd rather catch just the shoe, because it hurts alot more when the foot is still in it. haha
by Bizza April 15, 2005