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When one engages in haram activities.
Ie. Having sex, cursing, looking at the opposite sex, etc..
Me: Unf that kid is so fucking sexy
Tumblr anon : What is this haramery? First you curse and you're looking at boys! get off the computer!
Me: wtaf...
Tumblr anon: Haram, Haram, Haram! You're going to hell!
Me: whatever I can't help it I'm human!
Tumblr Anon: You are no human you are a devil living amongst humans!
by Itsnemoxd January 24, 2012
An action which is "haram", meaning sinful in Arabic.
It is used to refer to Muslims.
"She is totally engaging in some haramery outside of school, Yasmeen"
by MuslimBoss January 24, 2012
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