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A pattern of behavior. A person acting this way will exibit extreme cowardace when taking any hostile action towards another person. These sorts of people prefer to be annoynomous until they are discovered at which point they will suddenly pretend the reason they did such a poor job of covering their tracks was because they wanted to be found.
People on the internet often put up websites about me, twisting things I never actually said in the first place in a poor attempt to make me look bad. When I find them and send them a highly intelligent and well written email about why they are completely wrong with evidence that I never said any of the things they claim they don't have the guts to post that email and instead pretend they weren't trying to hide their site from me. This is an excellent example of Haraka at work.
by Sega Slayer March 21, 2004
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Leader of <Reforged>, Warlock extraordinaire.

Able to carry on eleven conversations, master loot, raid lead, study, output 6k dps, and drink prodigious amounts of liquior simultaneously.

Only human known to use autofollow IRL... see "Vegas 2008".
"Uh, oh. Harakas and Smkr just got into your room's cashbar. Call security."
by Lowpass February 04, 2009
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Caveman for "fire".
by CelticWonder November 19, 2002
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