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Top raid guild on Runetotem, PVE. Lead by Harakas, warlock extraordinaire. Group is known for remarkable stability, maturity, competence of play, and high levels of nerdcred.
"I ran Naxx 25 with Reforged the other day
by Lowpass January 30, 2009
Leader of <Reforged>, Warlock extraordinaire.

Able to carry on eleven conversations, master loot, raid lead, study, output 6k dps, and drink prodigious amounts of liquior simultaneously.

Only human known to use autofollow IRL... see "Vegas 2008".
"Uh, oh. Harakas and Smkr just got into your room's cashbar. Call security."
by Lowpass February 04, 2009
Tree drood of <Reforged>

Gained notoriety during his 2006 conflict with ex-GM Benias during the fabled Diurds Is For Healz debate. Kowchoo insisted that a druid's role in a raid should be limited to healing, despite learned discourse by Beni to the contrary. Subsequent review of Swiss' WWS parses did vindicate Kowchoo's view of the matter, despite counterarguement by Beni, who offered Sherard's numbers as evidence.
"WTF are you thinking? A druid can't tank! Druids are for heals."

by Lowpass February 04, 2009
"Raiding" guild on Runetotem, now defunct.

Famously joined elite progression guild <The Silver Runetotem> en mass after being unable to progress past the first boss in ZG, despite record breaking dps by Skytiger, rogue.

Although ostensibly lead by Vyasha, later accounts suggest that Bluda, warlock, covertly controlled things.
Mushupork: "Jalam, I just talked to Vyasha. <Affinity> wants to join, en-masse."

Jalam: "Again?"
by Lowpass February 04, 2009
Orc hunter of <Reforged>. Know for lengthy diatribes regarding Blizz's apparent hatred of the hunter class. Skree's evidence of the anti-hunter bias includes the inability of hunters to equip warglaives (obvious hunter loot), wear plate, self heal, or one-shot all other classes.

"You shoulda heard Skree bitching about rogue misdirect last night."
by Lowpass February 04, 2009

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