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Noun. Middle English. (Derived from orgasm)

The climax of happiness, often expressed by sensual, exotic feelings in the cheekbones.
I gave my little brother some balloons and he had a happygasm.

My cheeks were sore after we happygasmed.
by Nico August 13, 2004
When you are so happy you have an orgasm.
Happy person: "My mum told me she would get me GTA V and I had a happygasm."
by ThatCheesyTroll October 14, 2013
The act of being so happy that you make a noise
Wow, Ashley just had a happygasm when he fingered that chicken!
by RIPNelsonMandelaRIP December 05, 2013
when something gives you a huge burst of happiness, that your joy is of equal or better feeling than sex
Guy 1: Dude, your so lucky you got a mercedes for your sweet sixteen!
Guy 2: Yeah i know, i had the biggest happygasm of my life.
by ChelleRoseaful November 02, 2010