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noun: This term can refer to any joyous or even nonsensical event.
My girlfriend and I enjoy happy fun times when she gets drunk and aroused.

When the boss leaves, all of the workers immediately revert to happy fun times.
by EvanJM February 06, 2007
A G-rated way to say masturbating.
Girl: Sup?

Guy: Nm. Just got done with happy fun time. ;)

Girl: O.o... wow tmi
by gurl1687 June 29, 2009
Another way to say 'sex' without your teacher knowing what you're talking about.
Hey Bob, did you hear that Stacy & Steve had happy-fun-time last night?
by ThatOneGuyThatJustShowsUp December 20, 2014
Any time that relates to having a good time. Usually relates to anything involving alcohol and friends.
Billy was at the bar last night, and it was happy fun time.
by Lavtt December 01, 2008
The act of engaging in Medelo. Also known as surprise sex. a.k.a rape.
Tony decided to engage in HAPPYFUNTIME with Courtney, and so he approached her. She screamed with surprise and delight while he ripped her clothes off. And then she realized they were engaging in Medelo . . .
by Germy McErmy July 27, 2011
Shitting in a garbage bag and then hitting someone in the face with the bag.
Nason pissed off Ryan, so Ryan shit in a bag and happy-fun-timed him.
by SoldierFinn44 April 08, 2014
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