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The art of taking a photograph of somebody, often a complete stranger, without their permission - preferably when that person is engaging in peculiar or unsavoury behaviour.

A derivative of the term happy slap
I just happy snapped The Queen taking a crap.
by chris_armo November 10, 2006
Like Happy slap ( the act of randomly slapping someone you don't know when they don't expect it) But in photo form. Where you go up to someone you dont know and take a picture of them really really close up.
Friend 1 browsing through friend 2's camera "why are there like, 4 pibtures of bits of people we weren't out withs faces?"

Friend 2 "haha i just walked up behind some people and happy snapped them!"
by happy Snapper December 06, 2009
When 2 people find one object/song/experience/memory/book etc. that makes them both happy.
Girl 1: Oh I love tea, it makes me happy

Boy 1: Same! It makes me happy too :)

Girl 1: Happy Snap!
by SamBowse33 September 05, 2009

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