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A form of ritual corporal punishment enacted usually in Hong Kong among male university students. 3 to 4 "executioners" carry their victim by their arms and legs; then split the victim's legs; and swing them so their groin area is subjected to bumping against a pole or corner (not violently). This is not meant to hurt the victim, but can be used maliciously by friends or enemies alike. It may take more than 5 minutes occasionally, until the executioners are satisfied. Sometimes it is called "to Bring Joy" and can be used for a victim's birthday, with "Happy Birthday" being sung to the individual while it being inflicted upon them.

Additional ways to express it may be to double the action with an "X Con", with two victims groins replacing the pole; or instead of swinging the into the pole, to do a "Rotational Con" which is to rotate the individual around the pole.

While some may be flattered or honoured for this to happen, many others find it humiliating or a form of sexual harassment.
The guys really Happy Corner'd Ernest for his birthday! What an honour!
by srslynotafob March 19, 2010
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a corner one goes 2 to jack off/jill of in, also known as the nasty corner
After watching an episode of The Girls Next Door, he went to use the happy corner
by cacupcake November 03, 2007
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