To act a fool, get drunk, black out, cause a ruckus, lose control of mental capabilities.

The act of hansoning.

Can also be used as a term of endearment.
I had a great time with Kelly at the bar, that is, until she turned into a total hanson. She was wasted and ridiculous.

Well hello Hanson.
by Juice, Jones and Danson January 19, 2011
N. A state of confusion and feeling attraction to a persons who you thought was a girl, but in actuality is boy.

V. being fooled into thinking a boy was a girl.
Tyler was made fun of at work for his hanson on james.

Jordy hansoned Brian at the store today by wearing a wig a long curly blonde wig.
by thesluttyvirgin December 14, 2014
In golf, reaching the green in regulation followed by 4 putts to complete the hole.
On the 5th hole, Joe reached the green in 2 shots, then putted off the green and pulled a Hanson for a score of double bogey.
by da fellas June 02, 2011
The act of preforming various sexual acts in a Port a John. The sexual acts are but not limited to anal,oral and vaginal intercourse.
Tyler: Man, Blakes been in the Port a John forever!

**Door Opens**
**Bree and Blake walk out**
Tyler: Oh i see, Blake got a Hanson!
by Damngurlyoubefine69 December 28, 2011
A man/woman who likes to eat but surprisingly, he's/she's insanely skinny.
Jack: Hey! Look at that Hanson!
by CanappyWrestler May 05, 2010
A shitty small town in Massachusetts where everyone smokes weed and drinks. Parties in the woods happen every weekend, because thats where the cops wont come. Mostly the Nasons host those parties. Lots of wanna-be gangsters. Hot skanky girls. Shitty highschool.
kid from hanson: dude what should we do!?
another kid from hanson: smoke weeed errdayy
kid from hanson: yeah son! you going to the fort tonight?
by mystery420 July 20, 2009
1. (Verb) To skip out on an otherwise fantastic golf outing.

2. (Verb) To be outcasted from future fantastic golf outings due to skipping out on a fantastic golf outing.

Other forms include: hansonitis (incurable disease of hansoning); hansonography (mug shots of those who have hansoned); and antidishansontablishmentarianism (opposition to the belief that there should not be hansoning)
John: Shinwoo, are you going to be able to Royal New Kent it with us this year?

Woody: I'll definitely, scratch that...I WILL make it. Please don't hanson me!!!
by Jack & Drew July 10, 2008

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