Possibly the stupidest thing ever to hit TV. Some mainstream Disney Channel shit. It stars some hick girl with split personality disorder that forces her to magically become, drumroll please, HANNAH MONTANA! oh my god! Plus, she's only famous because her hick daddy has some money for her own series.

aka, only 10 year olds like her.
she's going to become the next Lindsay Lohan, just watch.
10 year old girl: OH MAY GAWD, THERES A NEW EPISODE OF HANNAH MONTANA ON TONIGHT! Who wants to watch it with me lololol?

by I HATE Hannah Montana February 17, 2008
An abomination of a show which airs on the Disney Channel. The actors cannot act, their skills are enough to make a toddler suicidal. The painfully obvious fake accents will eat anyone's soul, there has never been such terrible imitations of a hick accents. It has your typical, cliche heart-warming messages which cannot apply to reality.

The star of the show is a girl "just like you!" who somehow manages getting a proper education while being a super star mainting a secret identity at the same time. For some inexplicable reason, she puts on a wig and suddenly no one can recognize her. Her songs suck, and are generic, they're only about her and how awesome her life is compared to everyone else's.

Beware the laugh track. It doesn't stop playing.

I would say, "Fear not, this is just another Disney fad and will soon fade away like all the others." but unfortunately there will be more.
Hannah Montana: "I HAVE THE BEEEST OF BOTH WORLDSSSSSSS." (unlike you, bitches)
Girl: omg mahbeh if i bcum slut i can b gud.
Girl 2: lyf sux i don hav best of both wurlds i do world favur and die now. :(
by Jessica Barker March 31, 2008
Hannah Montana is literally the MOST AWFUL thing to have happened to the world.
She ('IT' rather)is a wannabe, an anorexic, fugly bitch and it will only last as long as the viewers don't realise that they are no longer toddlers.

It claims to be rock, but, i will tell you, just because it has guitars, that DOES NOT mean that it is rock.

I swear unto you reading this, that if I ever meet the fucktarded, anorexic, wannabe, fake-rocker who claims to be smart, beautiful, healthy and 100% real, I will drag her into a dark alley, I will torture her until she begs to be let go. And then, I will pull out a knife, chop off her tongue so she can't sing, then I will gouge her eyes out so she can't see anymore, and then i will slit her throat and go all the way down her front and I will leave her for the rats.
*Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump are quietly talking about their upcoming tour when they hear an unholy racket coming from next door*
*Pete throws the door open and sees Hannah Montana attempting to perform rock music*
*Patrick gets pissed off and grabs a gun*

Hannah Montana: WAIT GUYS! I'm your fellow rock-

*Hannah Montana drops dead and Pete and Patrick throw a party to celebrate Hannah Montana's death*
by Gavz April 29, 2008
well, most girls my age think that i would like her, (considering i'm 12) but i don't. but hey, if you want to listen to some girl caterwaul, look like a horse, and sing 'vote for sex' backwards, be my guest. shoot, i'm not even sure she's a 'she'.

and someday, she/he will end up like most of the other child stars.
hannah montana is the worst thing since the war.
by mya mastodon April 03, 2008
The latest money-maker from the Disney Channel. Hannah Montana (the show) follows the life of a young Miley Stewart as she balances being a normal girl with being a celebrity popstar, with the only difference between the two being a blonde wig. Her singing is mediocre, something you would find at a Karaoke bar...
Miley: You got the best of both worlds!
Walt Disney's Ghost: Yes! More money! Send it to my underground, frozen lair!
Miley: Man, I love singing!
WDG: Man, I love money!
Miley: Man, I love my daddy!
WDG: Man, I love you Hannah Montana!
by joshrocks7890 February 18, 2008
An obnoxious 15-year-old girl who claims that she's a rock star when really all she is is a bubblegum pop star that will eventually be burned down just like the rest of the Disney Channel stars.

Can you name one Disney Channel girl star that has been mega famous and HASN'T ended up like a total trainwreck? (some that have are: Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Jamie-Lynn Spears, etc.)

Can't act, sing or make jokes for her life.
The laughter tape stays on for WAYYY too long on that show.

Also known as the idiotic Miley Cyrus.
Because her parents are so witty and smart as to name her after a smile. Now we must all bow down to them. *rolls eyes*
Disney wants to milk her for what she's worth, this includes selling Hannah Montana wigs so every little girl can feel 'special', Hannah Montana karaoke machines so that every little girl can be trained to produce the shitty tunes the stupid singer carries out, etc.

Nickames: Hannah Montanal, Miley Walrus, Miley Virus
Hannah Montana: Hey y'all. I done and got mahself a reeaall career as an amazingg actress und singaar. o doiii. I'm so sneakeh, nobodiee knows that I am Miley Cyrus. Heheeehe. Oh Em Gee, I have the best liifeh. Let's sing and brag to the world :D hyuk hyuk!


by POLINA-RAWR April 13, 2008
1. An extremely idiotic teenager who thinks she has some sort of talent. Talent and Hannah Montana do not belong in the same sentence ules you're being sarcastic, tricking someone, or sayings she's got none.
2. Feces with a blonde wig on.
3. An insult for one with a large bottom or just an insult in general.
1. "Dude, you sing like Hannah Montana! Shut the heck up!" Mike said to his ex-.
2. "Yeah, well atleast I flush the toilet when I do a Hannah Montana!" Jane screeched back.
3. "Jane's such a big fat Hannah Montana!" Mike shreiked back.
by Wingedmushroom44 March 24, 2009
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