This person happens to be fake girl.. She is really a brunette named Miley but she has convinced hundreds of helpless girls that she

Besides that she it is also a TV show that for some weird reason was kept until that girl "Miley" was in collage. Basically this were Disney Channel killed it's TV program.
Her music isn't even better, The first season of the TV show the music consisted of her music about having a double life, soon her music had really basic ideas which made them really annoying! And extremely repetitive.
What happen to the original Disney Channel like Lizzie Mcguire? Who knows?
Hannah Montana isn't real.
Hannah Montana enjoys making useless music.
by stargurl16 August 30, 2011
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Awesome strain of marijuana originating from Montana (home grown legally, of course).
That was some awesome bud, man!
Yea, this hannah montana is some awesome shit!
by stratacat April 22, 2010
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A great show. People should stop pissing on it and love it. Miley Cyrus has a wonderful voice and a pretty face. The show is funny and her accent is SO NOT FAKE.
Idiot: Like O.M.G.! Hannah Montana SUCKS! Her voice sucks, and her accent is, like, so fake!

Me: Shut the EF up, loser.
by Vynn February 02, 2008
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She can sing, she can act and its a great tv show. her singing doesn't make your ears bleed (whatever retard wrote that is an idiot). and she doesnt have a fake tennessee accent. the tv show is AWESOME!!!! so shut the fuck up who ever wants to say shit about it seriously get a life. you stupid people who have nothing better to do than write shit about celebritys are absolutly pathetic, you seriously must have no friends. you losers must sit infront of the computer 24/7 and think of shit to write about people, seriously im pretty sure they're a lot more successful than you. hannah montana is the best show and if you dont like the show fine, dont watch it. i love her singing and all her songs and her acting isn't shit its a lot better than what you retards could do. in conclusion the definition of HANNAH MONTANA is:
1. played by miley cyrus
2. a disney channel show
3. the best tv show ever
4. a great singer and performer
5. a great actor

girl: hannah montana is the coolest, she the best singer
girls friend: i know, she my FAVOURITE
by amanda kissandhug May 18, 2008
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A girl between the ages of 13 and 17 that shows great potential to become extremely good looking once she becomes of legal age.
"How old do you think that girl is?"
"Probably around 14."
"Hot damn, what a Hannah Montana!"
by Brut Johanson July 10, 2008
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a pretty, down to earth fourteen year old girl who sets an awesome role model for tweens and children, unlike jamie lynn spears and vanessa hudgens, who are super slutty hoes. her show is pretty cool too. :
Girl: Mommy, my favorite show is Zoe101!

Mom: no honey, your favorite show should be Hannah Montana, since zoey is a WHORE!
by Alyssa Lawson January 30, 2008
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The person who most people like miley cyrus better;beeeeeeeeeeep.
Demi:"who do you like better Miley or Hannah?"
Selena:"i dont like,i love Miley better you?"
Demi:"well...i am going out with miley i love her too!im not sure about hannah montana"
by sk8erbrd February 28, 2009
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