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An extremely large family full of fun loving, gun toting, jeep driving, hooligans who'll kick your ass anytime day or night. And don't forget the mother fucking strawberry rhubarb pie.
"Holy shit, it's super man!!!"

"No, thats just a Hankins, see the pie?"
by HankiPanki August 12, 2008
When you're gone off that Hank juice, or drunk off some Captain's and are at high energy, somewhat comparable to being Hyphy or Crunk.
"Eh, you want some more of that Hank juice?"
"Nah, I'm already hankin'!!!"
by BSaari June 23, 2009
A nickname for a girl who is loved by her boyfriend very much.
Girl: So you really love her?

Guy: Yeah, She's my Hankins!
by Jones Jr. August 06, 2008
Masterbating over a picture of someone you hate.
It is widely believed that this technique embues the wanker with superior wrist action.

Also it is believed that this technique increases torque in the elbow
"I had such a viscious hankin' session over a picture of Adolf Hitler earlier I broke my arm."
by Tommy Hanks May 08, 2009
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