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When you're gone off that Hank juice, or drunk off some Captain's and are at high energy, somewhat comparable to being Hyphy or Crunk.
"Eh, you want some more of that Hank juice?"
"Nah, I'm already hankin'!!!"
by BSaari June 23, 2009
A concoction of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum of any variety, blended with some Cherry Coke and an energy drink, preferably Red Bull for some added kick if desired.
"Eh, what you want to drink over there?"

"How bout you mix me up some dat Hank Juice, make it 100!"

"Sure thing, you gonna be outti!"
by BSaari July 14, 2009
A slang term for Captain Morgan, whose full name was Henry Morgan, Hank is sometimes a nickname for Henry, best used when you are trying to be discrete about what you are drinking.
Without Slang:

" Hey man i got some Captain Morgan, you wanna drink tonight?"

"Dude what the fuck, my parents are in the other room!"

With Slang:

"Man I got me some Hank tonight so its gonna be hella fun"

"Boy, for real tonights gonna be jumping, I'm a be Hankin' all night"
by BSaari June 21, 2009
Acronym for Fuck Your God, a proper response to somebody freaking out on you and starting their sentence in OMG.
"OMG what the hell is your problem"

"FYG and get lost nobody cares about your pointless bullshit!"
by BSaari August 01, 2009

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