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Oficial first name of a certain piece of poo featured in South Park. Also called Hankey, or Mr. Hankey
"Howdy Hooooooo!"
by dominikandemon May 13, 2003
1. one who happens to be "hankish"
2. having a wild personality
3. The act of slapping a birodine calculator while singing
Hank, SHUT UP!
Farmer who drinks moonshine, and has sex with chickens. (Also see, Redneck, Hillbilly, and Bubba.)
"G'damn, son, noone knows these farms better than a Hank."
by PanDaddy March 11, 2003
A guy that sleeps on the couch so often that he considers it his own room.
Did he stay here last night? Yeah, he even told the new roommate that he needed to clean the kitchen. He's such a HANK.
by SPOLLETT March 27, 2010
To go to 'brown town' in your own underwear.
To Hank yourself

Oh shit, i just 'Hank-ed' myself

To laugh till you Hank

Did you just Hank yourself

Man that stinks did you just Hank

Upo Hank creek with out a paddal

Hank stain
by Distroy, Re-Think, Re-Build April 07, 2009
Giving someone credit for something they didn't actually do or was quite exaggerated.
dude you got soo trashed last night, and all the guys were all over you.
what acutally happend was margeret sat at home with her friends and watched tv.
Marty: dude marg, i gave u so much hank in that comment.
Marg: ik thanxxx!
by playboybunny9352 May 25, 2007
Short form of Hankin which was a medieval pet form of the name Heimerich which meant "home ruler", composed of the elements heim "home" and ric "power, ruler".
Hank is one of the best country singers in my opinion.
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006