Schwagg Marijuana
Dude, who's got the hank?
by Hank Chorkolatapuss December 10, 2002
The first son in the family with an emporer complex. A Hank has a sense of entitlement, and an attitude that suggests that he is superior to everyone else in the world. He likes to throw his weight around and is a bully to those who are defenseless and weak. A real dirtbag
He thinks he is really something, he is such a Hank
by Marilyn53 February 06, 2010

Ho + Skank = Hank

A man was cussing out my wife when and he got tongue tied when he couldn't decide between ho or skank. Out came hank!
You are such a hank!
by MiklCJ January 01, 2010
Comes from the typical "Thanks" reaction after someone does something nice for you. Expect in their attempt at helping you they hurt or hinder your efforts.
I was cleaning out the filing cabinet and my wife hanked me by throwing away the wrong pile of papers.
by meron51 April 12, 2007
Hank is a root beer sold in Nab One Stop in my town. It is the illest root beer known to mankind. SO since Hank is a funny word and all, you say Hank after each time you cough after a diesel rip of chronic stash.
Quote for using Hank - "COugh!, Hank! That was a diesel rip off the binger."
by Pete April 03, 2005
(transitive verb) To Hank (after smthing) - derived from the fuller verb Hanker: To desire something in a jumpy, puppyish optimistic kind of way. But not the kind of way that NOT getting what you hank after would have serious adverse effects to your mental wellbeing.
I hank after a goodly cup of English Tea.
by Starry-eyed lies December 19, 2003
a very furry beast who sweats alot
by Anonymous May 22, 2003

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