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Someone who has plenty to share around in the pants department

As in Maori hangi, something for the whole tribe

Somewhat dirty and smelly
Scarlett is such a Hangipants, bro
by Osbawn March 10, 2008
When a young maori queen(Aunties) has put out to 95% of the local rugby team or town, Marae or local social clubs. Most likey to have 3 sexual partners in one night.
Also found at local parties or the local pubs wearing ug-boots and there pyjamas drinking woodstock or any bourbon pre-mix normally 5% alcohol content, as they are the cheapest and they would have to wait for there benefit to clear and in there hand will be a john player special 20s pk.
Mel- Hey what you doing after the 3rds rugby game.
Tama- Not you hangi pants.

Tama 1- Hey bru, is mel coming tonight?
Tama 2- Oooooooooh fuck bru, she got the mean hangi pants.
Tama 1- Tell the rugby team we got a after party to attend to.
by John curly September 04, 2012
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