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Urban slang for one's penis
. . . and then she grabbed my hang down
by weenis face. com January 08, 2010
The male penis, in its un-erect position. Also see healthy wang
"I really need some stanky for my hangdown."
by McGee February 09, 2004
The male sexual organ. Also known as a wiener or wiener meat.
I gots to get me some stanky for my hang down.
by SlappyWhite April 24, 2006
Slang: Male genitalia
"My hangdown smelled like skank so the bitch hit me with a smoothie."
by Mike Reilly November 14, 2003
Another name for a penis.
"Whoa, did you just try to touch my hangdown?!?"

"Dude, she totally wants my hangdown."
by FinalRiotVox November 10, 2009
A pair of tits
Hey Tom check out the hang downs on that one.
by Dirtbox1 March 08, 2009
a mans genitals
dude:dude why are you itching your junk so much?

dude 2: man i hit that scuz bucket and now i think i have somthin on the hang down.
by qpeeeeeeeezy June 22, 2009