Urban slang for one's penis
. . . and then she grabbed my hang down
by weenis face. com January 08, 2010
Top Definition
The male penis, in its un-erect position. Also see healthy wang
"I really need some stanky for my hangdown."
by McGee February 09, 2004
Alternate term for a penis.
"I need to shower because I've got so much stink on my hangdown."

"I masturbate so much that my hangdown is beginning to look like an egg noodle!"
by Anewell September 13, 2014
The male sexual organ. Also known as a wiener or wiener meat.
I gots to get me some stanky for my hang down.
by SlappyWhite April 24, 2006
Slang: Male genitalia
"My hangdown smelled like skank so the bitch hit me with a smoothie."
by Mike Reilly November 14, 2003
Another name for a penis.
"Whoa, did you just try to touch my hangdown?!?"

"Dude, she totally wants my hangdown."
by FinalRiotVox November 10, 2009
a mans genitals
dude:dude why are you itching your junk so much?

dude 2: man i hit that scuz bucket and now i think i have somthin on the hang down.
by qpeeeeeeeezy June 22, 2009
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