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A very universal word which can be used in just about every situation imaginable.
To see a group of friends from a distance in a public setting and in an attempt to gain their attention, one should scream HAMUS ! at a high volume.
by Dano March 09, 2003
1)a friendly greeting
2)Until the next time
3)See ya later
4)Oh well...
Ronno: Hamus(upon seeing his friend)Scotto: Hamus

Scotto:I'm sick, I can't make it to the bar
Ronno: Hamus
by Ronno March 05, 2003
Oh no!!!
Holy Crap!!
Bush: We gave you every fair warning. Your time has run out. Now we're coming to get you.
Sadam: HAMUS!!! gulp...
by Ronno March 18, 2003
Oh Crap....what now?
upon returning to the bar at CABO after making a restroom run.
Scotto: Hey...Where's my beer?
Dano: Hmmm...I guess they took it. They must have thought you left.
Scotto: HAMUS!!!
by Ronno March 17, 2003