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19 definitions by Dano

to go crazy, dumb, stupid, retarded.
" eh cuz, that girl be gettin' hifey"
by DANO October 30, 2003
214 51
It don't have to be up the ass. After you spiyt on her back to simulate cumming, she turns around and gets a semen blast in the face. Where did that come from?
The chick wouldn't take facials or let me cum in her mouth so I pulled the old Whodini.
by dano January 13, 2004
132 56
Referring to a guy with a small dick.
Check out Johnny's inch worm.
by Dano November 25, 2004
60 12
A jackass of gargantuan proportions.
"Nice move, shmucknutt!"
by Dano October 18, 2003
10 1
a first person singular congigation of thespanish word estar which means to be (temporary as opposed to perminent)
i estoy in the park
yo estoy en el parque
by dano September 06, 2003
10 3
Alternate term for Rump Ranger.
Man, that boy is my little pinchback. I hope he enjoys spanking.
by Dano April 09, 2003
12 5
To drive so fast that the speedometer needle hits the peg that stops it from going round and round.
Dude, you hit 110 and pegged it!
by DanO February 23, 2005
78 72