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A strain of stupidity that is virilously contagious. Has a crayon-based diet, but also eats play-dough and paste. Choice of hosts are typically semi-retarded fat chicks with ample breasts. Never found in the vaginal orifices.
Algernon is a hamstershaver.
by CM April 14, 2004
6 4
Chubby chaser. Plumper lover. Anti kitty licker. Jedi master of karma whoring. All knowing karma master. One that has sexual intercourse in two minutes or less
Hammy is a karma whore.
by hs February 11, 2005
5 4
One who has Hamsters.

more than one hammster.

The One With hammsters.ie Hammster haver
Look Mummy at the Hamster Rangler.

Mummy:""Indeed...he Is a Hamster Haver."
by CFZB March 29, 2005
4 4
1.Master and Commander of the Jedi Council; Bisexual and proud of it; gay and lesbian tolerance teacher to young padawans.
2. One who Purchases karma.
1. Hammy® leads the underground order of the EF JEDI; molests his young Padawan ironically enough named Spongebob.
2. 100,000k to 140,000k over night.
by johnnny March 29, 2005
1 5