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1.Master and Commander of the Jedi Council; Bisexual and proud of it; gay and lesbian tolerance teacher to young padawans.
2. One who Purchases karma.
1. Hammy® leads the underground order of the EF JEDI; molests his young Padawan ironically enough named Spongebob.
2. 100,000k to 140,000k over night.
by johnnny March 29, 2005
Gulliable:(adj,slang)1. used by CanadianCuties' to mock hatahs; to draw in and make fun; to elicit mockery by mocking by a mocker.
2. To lie naked in prayer
1. Was gulliable removed from the dictionary? to elicit "you've got to be kidding me"; "WTF?"; "Hello, earth to CanadianCutie"; "I think you mean gullible"; "WTF?"; "OMG, WTF?"
2. Killahbee was at the alter being gulliable.
by johnnny March 29, 2005

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