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v. To infringe on one's space and belongings
Don't hamp on my forty please
by Art Vandelay July 29, 2004
11 12
n. Someone unimaginably cool
(Comes from the Latin word hampus, meaning "perfect")
I look up to you so much, you're like a Hamp to me.
by HMW August 19, 2004
62 19
a word used in New Zealand to describe someone who is ugly or visually offensive.
-eh bro, look at that chick!
-ew eh cuz she's hamps as
by whaaaat01 March 03, 2011
47 13
Adj. An uncanny resemblance to a person of Asian Ethnicity.
Even though Tyson Beckford is only quarter Chinese, he is still very Hamp.
by 4/\/dR3\/\/ March 05, 2005
21 15
A big-headed person; normally wears velvet turtle necks and gold chains.
"That HAMP kid is sooo anoying, but i love him anyways" -Bertha
by Veronica (not Betty) March 15, 2006
10 7
geordie word for a scruffy person, a hacky beck or minger
could she not make an effort for going to the pub, she looks like a hamp
by Lloth July 29, 2003
9 11
one who is willingly cultrally confused.
is he wearing FUBU pants?
by Nick March 02, 2005
11 14