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One of the largest middle eastern last name in all of Dearborn, MI. The population of Hammouds comes close with Beydouns, Abdallahs, and Bazzis. Hammouds are related to almost every other Arab last name, including all of the major ones. Hammouds can spot other Hammouds, even if they've never met. You can tell if someone is a Hammoud if they wear a necklace, have a turkey chin, or if they have spiked/ long hair. Hammouds also say "bro" and "wallah" a lot, but don't usually say "cuz."
Mohamad Hammoud: Hey, you look familiar, are you a Hammoud?

Hussein Hammoud: Yeah, we're related.

Mohamad Hammoud: How?

Hussein Hammoud: My aunt's husband's cousin's neice's mom's......(goes on)
by Broooooo March 02, 2009

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