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The act of setting up and subsequently chilling in a hammock.
College student 1: Hey bro, what you doing after class?

College student 2: I'm going hammocking out at the state park, wanna come?
by FisherofMen October 21, 2012
A variation of autoerotic asphyxiation utilizing a support stool with the addition of tying a noose or belt around the base of the scrotum sack with the other end attached to a support beam or tree. After attachment of the neck and scrotum is secured, the stool is removed by the hammocker or a “spotter” and the hammocker then hangs in the air while masturbating.
So, I walked into Judd Nelson's place and his spotter totally fell asleep during a wicked hammocking session. Judd was all foaming from the mouth but smiling like Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.
by Nostromo2 December 02, 2011
The act Hammocking can be achieved when two people (or more) of the same sex sleep in a hammock together. This life achievement normally happens at sleep-overs/parties, where more than one person needs a place to sleep. The "Hammockers" will normally be made fun of for sleeping in said hammock together.
The other night during the party the guys were Hammocking together.
by time2rape January 26, 2010
The process of laying a length of toilet paper directly from the left side of the toilet seat to the right (or vise versa) so that the toilet paper lies right beneath the anus, thus resembling a hammock; once this is accomplished one defecates on said 'hammock' to test the aim of ones anus and the strength quality of toilet paper used.
I was hammocking at the Wal-Mart today; their toilet paper was single ply so it didn't last very long. I wish I would have doubled up.
by Dr. Can Do November 09, 2009
hammocking is a sexual practice which involves two people and a hammock. The person who wishes to be hammocked lies on a bed underuneath a hammock. this hammock must contain their naked lover. When the naked lover is least expecting it, you should cut the the strings of the hammock, thus allowing the naked lover to fall on top of you. this is very sexy and really turns on campers, as they enjoy sleeping in hammocks.

a word of caution, you should not try hammocking if you are very skinny and your naked lover is over weight. this may result in crushing and death.

For all of those people who are regular size- ENJOY!
by stephhasafannyrash June 12, 2010
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