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A pain in the ass West Ham United fan
When West Ham beat Man United the West Ham fans became proper Hammeroids.
by VOR_REP3 March 02, 2007
1. A state of extreme intoxication (i.e., "hammered" beyond all recognition).

2. To become intoxicated (e.g., "hammered")to such a degree as to cause hemorrhoids upon the passing of the resultant supercritical fluid effluent.
1. Q: What'd y'all do last night?
A: We drank so much we got hammeroids!

2. Q: Why are you walking funny?
A: I got so damn hammered last night that I got hammeroids this morning.
by Judge Folsom December 08, 2010
An STI that causes you to blow up after listening to MC Hammer
'No don't turn MC Hammer on! I have hammeroids and i'll blow up!'
*Turns on anyways*
*He blows up*
You fail bitch!
by Gimme a tic-tac bitch! July 12, 2009
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