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1. A word used to describe a person with limited social skils or is an otherwise undesirable individual from a personality standpoint. It can be used interchangeably with words like asshole, fuckbucket, shitpurse, tool, numbnuts, etc.

2. A male who is able to attract beautiful women but chooses to hook up with flatsos and other fat broads.

3. An individual who literally has sex with ham.
1. What the hell? Who's the hamfucker that upper decked my toilet?

2. Q. Why is Bob with that chick? She's a bitch, she's fat and he can do so much better. A. He's a hamfucker, that's why.

3. News Anchor: "In local news, an unidentified male is in police custody for indecent exposure and lewd conduct involving a canned ham at a supermarket..." Witness on camera: "...I saw him open a can of ham and then, well my children started crying..." News correspondant: "...that's disturbing news...back to you Jim..." News Anchor: "that's one sick hamfucker; sports is coming up after the break..."
by JEUNT April 15, 2010
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